Best Magnetic Knife Holder

Keeping your knives organized, safe, clean and within easy reach has always been a nightmare for many people. However, since the invasion of knife storage blocks, I have evaluated various designs and types before opting for a magnetic bamboo knife block. The magnetic bamboo knife block is a great value way of storing knives with a stylish storage block. The weight and the balance of the block and the knives are perfect. This means if you have a sharp knife, you can prepare a variety of ingredients quickly, accurately and confidently without the fearing about misplacing a knife and accidentally injuring yourself. 

There is a definite improvement in the presentation of knives too. The block is decently made and lives up to what it is designed to do. If you have noticed, nothing makes a kitchen look unorganized than knives in a drawer space. However, aside from being unorganized it possesses much risk to any member of the family and putting your hand in a drawer full of knives can cause minor and major injuries. The magnetic bamboo block allows you to store all your kitchen knives without taking up valuable drawer space or mounting a magnetic strip on the kitchen.

This magnetic bamboo knife block offers more advantages than just a sleek way to organize and store your knives. The product has clear acrylic panels on both sides that elegantly displays your knife selection on your kitchen countertop and allows for ease of use. The bottom keeps the knife block firmly on the countertop. The strength of the magnet within the bamboo securely hold the knives when moving them from the kitchen to dining table or outside patio can be easily realized when needed.

Due to peoples’ attitude towards innovative products, the magnetic bamboo knife block clears all doubts because of its clean and stylish feature. The product has Plexiglas plate on both sides that are not removable but can be cleaned using food grade mineral oil or warm water to maintain its sleek and clean look. This can be done by using a handle cloth cleaner for easy cleaning.

The combination of magnets and clear plates is a safer alternative storage than drawers. It has a very good construction and general design that has no closed slots, which means no place for insects like roaches and other nasty things to hide.  It is good looking, convenient and a sanitary storage block that I highly recommend. It is also safe for kids.